Friday, August 21, 2009

Favorite Foto(s) Friday 08/21/2009

1st day of school last year.
Carson has certainly changed.
And he was none too happy that day.
This year he was SO excited - (See picture in post below)
This was I think 1st grade for Carson and Chase 1st day of middle school
Such babies.
I am a bit glad they're growing up, though.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Only One More

There will be only one more 1st day of school for these 2 knuckleheads.
Only one more together...that is!
I got to thinking and ALL 3 of our kids were only 'in school' at the same time for 3 years.
I guess that's what happens when they're each spaced 5 years apart.
My middle schooler.
Carson can now wear jeans to school.
Uniform shirts but khaki pants/shorts and or jeans.
I love it and so does he.
My Junior.
This picture makes me sad.
Carson walking up the street to the bus stop.
Chase driving to school.
Such a big boy.
Certainly beats those days of Cheesing it!
It was a good first day.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday 08/14/2009

Face painting on Carson from a month or so ago at the 3 Cheerleaders tournament.
Look closely.
His eyes are actually closed.
I know, right?
Weird, huh?
Face painting and photography done by Nicki Rix.
Click on her name and go check her out.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Hangin Out

Okay so I suck at blogging anymore.
I'm gonna do better.
Here's a few pics (yeah right- -only a few?) from our last night on va-k.
I learned of this place called The Hangout from a fellow blogger that I've followed for a really long time. I'll tell more about her later, though.
She's the total coolest!
We actually stayed in Perdido Key which is pretty much in between Gulf Shores and Pensacola. Not a whole lot to do there. Mike and I scoped this place out earlier in the week and decided we would certainly go there.

On Friday night, our last night, after taking family beach pics we headed on down. There was one person who WAS NOT happy about going there. This one person had a mind to go somewhere else.
Too bad.
We're going to hangout at The Hangout.
It's an open-air restaurant with so many things to do.
Sand for the little ones to play in, lots of seating as you wait....for AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!!
Is that how you spell that?
But can I tell you that it was so worth the wait.
We had SO stinkin much fun.
They had a band playing on a stage that rocked it.
And have I told you that this was THE best vacation that we've had (except for Disney World)?
We'll just have to take those Texans back on vacation with us again next year!
Mikey and Taylor
Lisa the SIL (sister-in-law)
Look closely...I'm not sure if she still has her tonsils or not.

They also had a pretty cool gift shop...these were Carson's shades he bought.

EVERYBODY just cackled at this picture.
Kyle's face is SO hilarious!
Mike and Sean playing one of the games.
They had these little ropes with some kind of round thing on the end of them and you had to try and throw the round thing onto a hook.
Mike thought he HAD to master it.
And of course he did.
Kody and his Auntie Lisa
I love this girl
And she loves me!
(I think)

Okay so my pictures are not in any sort of order.
The game.
Kody rocking it to the band.
They played GREAT music.
Everyone got a little enjoyment out of the glasses.
Taylor Kyle and Lisa
LOVE this picture.
Chase with another souvenir from the gift shop.
THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID was a running joke....ALL WEEK!
Don't ask.
Look at those curled up eye lashes--love them.

Ummm yeah that's Lisa dancing with Kody.
And yes - it's in the MIDDLE of the restaurant.
Look at Sean's face...that's what cracks me up even more.
This was our view (the moon) while we had dinner.
Another view of the sandy play area.
Air piano.

This kid was hilarious ALL week!
So funny we ALL wanted to hit him!
See what I mean?
Kody Sean and Kyle
This was one of the seating/waiting areas. Just a beachy little are that almost looked like a bed. I'm sure it has some for real name but Kyle thought he would strike a sexy pose here and begged me to take his picture. Check out the girl behind him.
Yeah, honey, he's from Texas.
He don't get out much!
Kody with his Aunt Lisa.
Just the picture I've always wanted of the 2 of them for the family photo album!
Notice Lisa has one finger hiding?
Her nail was broken.
And again.
Must be Kody's sexy face.
Once again - ??????
Taylor and foam
A foam booth for the kids.
I told you this place was cool!
Even Carson rocked his own shades drinking his strawberry daiquiri
Virgin of course!
Guess who ended up having a great time at The Hangout?
The same person who didn't want to go!
Playing while waiting.

More Foosball.
Sean Mike and Chase

Waiting area by the stage.

Be sure and swing by The Hangout.
You'll have a blast.
Anf oh by the way, Kody-

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