Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday 05/30/2008

Happy 40th Birthday Babe!
Better than Ever!
I Love you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frequent Blog Words

These are frequent words used on my blog.

You'd think I had nothing better to do!

Monday, May 26, 2008

New..But Improved?

Mike and I took a visit to the park about a week and a half ago. There is progress. Here is the concession stand. Where is the office, you say? It's gone...and I hate it! You could see every field from up here in that crow's nest. Cold weather, hot weather-it was nice! I DID hate those stairs, though! I'm not sure where exactly it's gonna be. Although Mike probably knows and just hasn't told me...or he thinks he's told me and really hasn't. I guess that happens when your almost 40!

Looks kinda strange, huh? What a beautiful weekend it was. Look at the clouds.

I miss clean bathrooms at my own park!

Field Day 2008

Friday Carson had Field Day. As a state employee I noe receive 8 hours 'education' leave a year. This can for your kids school activities. So I hung around with a bunch of 4th graders all day.

A billion 4th graders

First off...Caron was the coolest one there (sarcasm) with his shades. This was one of the many races they had.

Carson didn't last so long in the hoola hoop competition.

This is an atomic fire ball.

These are kids about to burn their faces off eating atomic fire balls. It was a competition to see how long you could stand it. Carson didn't last the long haul.

Sack races

Can you believe they even had texting competitions? Just kidding.

He once again played the cool kid and listened to all my ring tones. Why? Who knows! Cause that's what kids do, I guess. It's not like he hasn't heard them a ziollion times.

Daddy-o showed up for the basketball tournament.

Big brother showed, too for a little basketball action.

And a fun day was had by all!

Stop Signs and Foggy Doors

This is what Mike discovered the other day on the entrance to our 'temporary ball park.'
Look closely at the top of the sign.

I love Kody Sanders

With all the heat and humidity our windows in the car and at home have been so foggy. Here's a little of Mike's artwork for your holiday weekend enjoyment. Little baby feet on my fogged up front door.

Oh yeah, thanks for brother won his game Saturday. The 4th round curse is now broken. One more round to go. I'm not gonna say we'll be heading to Austin to see him play...

Don't wanna jinx it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spokanians, Family and Fish

Mike's Uncle Warren, his two daughters Dede and Regina along with Regina's daughter Rhondi (sp?) and baby are in town from Spokane, Washington for a visit. The people love some catfish...but really - who doesn't? We had a huge gathering of family at the Catfish Hole last Saturday night. More family in from Missouri and Louisiana.
Megan, the niece, havening a little appetizer.

Carson made a volcano from onions like they do at Crazy Hibachi.

The little dumplins Meg and Bethy.

Mike and cousin Sonny chatting about asthma and such.

How bout this trio?

Mike listening to one of Uncle Warren's stories.

Chaser and his Meemaw.

Different location.
Meemaw's (Mike's mom) birthday was yesterday (Sat)...her 75th! We, along with Uncle Warren help surprised her with dinner at Cock of the Walk.
Does she look surprised?

Some more Meemaw loving.

"Happy Birthday to You"

Mom and her kids

I looks like 45th...but it's 75th!

Could any sisters look any more different?

Uncle Warren's great grand child...Warren. He was teething and Cock of the Walk's tin cup felt awfully good on his gums.

Warren Carroll (I know...lot's of Warrens' in this family) and Aunt Velda.

Lisa, Rhondi and baby Warren

Uncle Warren and Larry probably telling fish stories.

Regina, Dede, Rhondi, baby Warren and Uncle Warren. I love Regina and Dede. The sweetest! Uncle Warren is a mess, I tell you! Hilarious! He'll be celebrating his 90th birthday soon. Doesn't act a day over 70! Ha!

We went outside for some pictures. They have great lanscaping for photo ops. I love this of Chase. It was really too dark but I got what I could.

Oldest to youngest. They always did this growing up and still find ocassion to do it now. I LOVE it!

Uncle Larry...and his fishing tan. The boy loves to fish. Hilarious!

Larry, Carol, Lisa and Mike

Chase. It's too dark but Mike said he'd show me how to lighten them up with some Microsoft something-or-other.

Uncle Scott and his girls.

Megan and Beth

The Franks'.

I wonder if that Microsoft thingy can airbrush my waistline and butt!

Chase and Beffy.

I think I'm done with catfish for a while. One more meal together before they leave, though. Tuesday at Cotham's in Scott... It's become tradition. We ALWYAS do lunch out there before they leave. Ever been there and had a hubcap burger?
Fun family times