Friday, June 27, 2008

Little Tidbits

1) If a five dollar bill magically appeared on your door step at the beginning of the day, every day, what would you do with it?
- Put it in my gas tank!!! (OK not literally!)

2) Tell us about your favorite teacher from elementary/middle/high school.
- I've already informed you on being Ralph Russell who in my senior yearbook told me that he wanted his daughter to be just like me. My other favorite being June Brown, my 10th grade Biology teacher. I LOVED this woman! When the rumor got out that I was pregnant in high school she came and hunted me down. I was in the locker room by the gym and she called me out in the hallway and asked me why I hadn't told her. I told her I was afraid she'd be mad. We both cried. We saw her on occasion after I graduated. She was ALWAYS telling me that Mike and I would get married. I always told her she was crazy because most of the time I was mad at him. We sent her an invitation to our wedding. She was one person I wanted there. She didn't come. We found out later that she was tending to her sick father. That was OK. We ended up seeing a lot of Ms. Brown. Her kids played ball at Sylvan Hills and we LOVED seeing her. She eventually ended up as a guidance counselor at Sylvan Hills High School Kody's 9th or 10th grade year - can't remember which. One Sunday afternoon Brian Valley from up the street came down to hang out with Kody and asked us if we had heard about Ms. Brown.
What about her?
She died yesterday.
She died of a massive heart attack while having lunch with her sister. Her two younger children were still in high school. I miss her.
Two absolutely precious people to me.
3) If you could make one person disappear for good, who would it be?
- Does it have to be one person? Can it be a dog?
My dog Cricket is my answer.

4. Do you believe in fairies?
Why yes, in fact I do. I saw the infamous Boy George on TV just this morning.

5. What era is your favorite for music?
- I'd say 70's rock.

6. Have you ever, or would you ever, have cosmetic surgery?
- Heck yeah! Donations anyone?

7. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
- Bo-bolliver Shagnasty it what my Dad would say. My mom talked of naming me Misty Dawn but my Dad said he preferred Foggy Night over Misty Dawn. Get it?
A little more useless information you may not have ever wanted to know about me.

Favorite Foto Friday 06/27/2008

It's Bethy's Birthday!

Beth is in the middle with the sweet smile. The one who's eyes disappear when she smiles and the one who can flat stare a whole thru you when she's mad.
I was there 8 years ago.
I watched the miracle of her birth.
She's a little booger but she's also the sweetest little thing!
Happy Birthday Beffy!
~Aunt Shannon

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Dad, the Hero

Click on the photo to enlarge.
I found this not too long ago trying to clean out some things. I had forgotten that my mom had given it to me.

That's my Dad. Only his last name is Wood and not Woods (ain't that right Ralph Russell?) I've known of this story for all my life. Click on the picture and you can (hopefully) read it a little better. My Dad was a mail man for forever. As I remember the story he says that he was on his route delivering mail as he was every day. In the midst of his walking something told him to go back and look around a bush. There was the boy hanging by some type of chord from his neck from a clothesline. My Dad ALWAYS carries a pocket knife. He cut the boy down and administered CPR saving his life.

I believe that that something that told my Dad to go back was the urging of God, don't you?

Cardboard Testimonies

Everyone has one...a testimony. Do we all use them to God's glory?

It's a long video but very worth the watch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazing Resiliency

True resilience.
An amazing child.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Favorite Foto(s) Friday 06/20/2008

New hair.....

or lack thereof
It'll grow back!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 Guesses

Someone got a haircut.
Guess who...
Ckeck in tomorrow and see....

Unaccompanied Minor

So we left Carson in Texas.
What were we thinking?
What was my brother thinking to agree to it?
He wanted to stay to go Tracy's baseball camp that he does every summer. "PLEEEEAAAASE????"
We talked about it as Carson begged to stay while we were in the parking lot of Humperdink's restaurant about to leave for home. Yeah, OK. We would check airline rates when we got home. Couldn't be much...from Dallas Love Field. It HAD to be way less than gas would be if we were to even met them halfway. It's a short enough flight (with no layovers) that I really wouldn't be too terribly worried about him - even though he's never flown before. Purchased. He's flying by himself. An unaccompanied minor. I had lots of questions of the airline.
Where would he sit? He would get priority boarding sine he is an unaccompanied minor and would sit close to the front. Good! Since he is a minor Tracy had to get special permission to go through security with Carson and get him all the way to the gate. I had to send some type of identification to my brother so he would have it for Carson. He also had to give the airlines information on who would be picking Carson up in LR. I gave him Mike's info. He was about to bust to go get the boy. He REALLY missed him, as did I!
Tracy called and said that he had boarded. Said he was a little nervous.
We left work and headed to the airport. We were nervous, too.
We checked the monitors as soon as we got there. He was mid-flight.

Mike checked in to get his pass to pick Carson up at the gate.
That's Mike in the yellow....not the guy with the tattoos all over him (LOL)



There he is!

He thought he was a big boy waiting on his luggage.

The jetsetter
Glad he's home!
But I think I'm about ready to send him back!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella.
Be sure and watch to the very end. He describes how he was inspired to write the song. Do you ever feel this guilty about spending time with your kids? Before I even watched this video this morning I was feeling a yearning to spend more time with my kids.
Be sure to check out the rest of SCC's website. There are very sweet tributes to his little Maria. One of his other daughter's name is Stevie. I LOVE was my Grannie's name. Feeling a little sentimental this morning.
I miss her,

Friday, June 13, 2008

Read Below

Be sure and read the post under Headed to Austin, baby
Sorry, I got confused.........

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Headed to Austin, baby!

You all should by now know that my brother's team won and was headed to Austin. But for my lack of didn't know that now did you? We pulled the kids out of school 2 days early bad parents to head down for the semi-final game.

Get ready...Hold on to your britches. I divided this into two posts because I took so many pics. I actually just love taking pictures. You're gonna think I'm a nut-case by the end of this...seriously!
We had actually planned on leaving at 8 in the AM. Do we ever leave or get anywhere on time? Of course not! This is what time we left. More than an hour after my other brother and parents left. Always makes for a nice and relaxed stressful send off.

Carson and traffic.

Drunker than who?
Mike drafted this car for several hours
Happy nappy time!
Just keepin it real!
We ended up catching up with my parents around Dallas. Driving fast? WHO?

A must have on a long trip.

Boredom has set in.
We rocked out the whole trip to all of Mike's music.
Blue skies and open roads.
We got to the hotel in time enough to change and 'freshen up'. Then we headed to Round Rock to play some ball.
My brother has several pictures of this stadium. He wants me to print a bigger picture of this for him. THIS is what he works for. To get here. The championship!

The Dell Diamond is a minor league baseball park (like the Travs). The guy that was killed coaching at the Travs game played here. Click on that link and watch his memorial video. OH MY! It is SO sweet! Pray for his wife and babies today.
Just humor me with some of these crazy pictures.

I just happened to snap this picture as some guy out of the range of the picture was spitting. Can you see the spit?

Tracy warming up for BP...(batting practice)

I started messing with my bracelet that had the word 'believe' on it. I tried to take a picture of it sitting on my knee but it obviously didn't work. It would have been cool had I been able to get it. Here's something weird...Taylor told me that on ALL of the baseball players MYSPACE accounts - they have the word BELIEVE by their names. Hmmm.
Pregame-I love this picture

The line up
My family is in the center of this picture. Mike, the boys, my brother Kirk, my SIL Lisa and my parents. You can see Mike looking at me from across the park-goober! Where's Waldo?

A good day for baseball and flip flops!

I like this one. I have my brother at the bottom with my fam in the stands in it also.
A little talk with pitch and catch.

Dressed to represent!

Now THAT'S what I need!

NICE! Chubby cheeks, double chin, fat eyelids and all! And yes, I said fat eyelids!
Waiting for foul balls.
Mike and Kirk.
The gang's all here. Well , almost That's my niece Taylor right behind Carson and her friend Ashley. You met her on the last trip we took to Texas.
I thought this was cute. The ladies room.
WE WON! Now tomorrow night is the CHAMPIONSHIP!
We got up and headed into Austin. We drove around for a bit and ended up at the state capitol. Why? I have no idea. We kinda like to walk around and look at such things. This was a tree on the capitol grounds. It was so cool. I have more pictures of the boys sitting on it. Not sure what happened to them. Maybe later.

These were hinges on the doors.
The rotunda.
Gee-Dub. The former governor. I would have rather had him stay in the TX!

Their capitol is really beautiful. Very ornate and much prettier than our own.

I love these chairs but I bet they are not so comfortable to sit in all day. This was in the House of Respresentatives.
Chase and Carson listening to the tour guide.'s not so bad.

In the gallery.

In the elevator.
Heading out.
As we continued on outside Mike went up to this man who was sitting underneath the war veterans memorial. His name was Robert and he was employed by the state of Texas (MUST be a good guy if he's a state employee). Mike actually went up to him to ask for directions but they struck up conversation. He started telling Mike about his service to our country. He handed Mike some papers that told of his life and his service. Sweet little man.
He wanted to know why I kept taking pictures of him. I told him it was because he was so cute.

In the picture above he is pointing. He was pointing to this man. I couldn't get my camera around fast enough to get a good picture of him. Robert said that this man was his hero. This man is one of the Texas supreme court justices. As he walked by Robert greeted him with a "Hello Judge". "Hey Robert" he said back. The judge asked if we were part of Robert's fan club and told us that he (the judge)was the president. How cool is that? A supreme court judge thinking so much of someone that could have just been part of the grounds crew. I was pretty impressed.

More crazy pictures. This is Mike waiting on me while I take them. I know it drives him crazy.

Apparently Texas inventories their capitol trees.
Nothing else....just feet ahead.
They're about to leave me.
Headed now to find a place to eat. This sign was downtown. Hmmm...pride. Pride of what? Out and proud I guess!?!?
We headed to Hula Hut to eat after a quick call to Phyllis that I work with. She recommended it. Her daughter used to live in Austin.

We ate out on the deck.

Our view from the deck
Food was good, huh honey?
Good salsa.
The wildlife got fed my family.

The restaraunt next door to Hula Hut.

Headed back to the hotel to get our game faces on for the BIG game!