Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes It Is

It's me.
It is.
Let me try to explain.
Our computer at home was pretty dead.
I HATED getting on it and when I did...Mike was irritated that I WAS on it and because I was on it I wanted to cuss because it was a piece-o-crap.
I used to do a lot of my blogging at work.
Shhh...don't tell anybody.
We now have a Nazi boss who micro manages and we now have some type of mess on our machines that tracks where we go on line.
Needless to say...I don't get online much anymore.
I need my job!
I have to figure out how to download my pictures from my new camera again - I think I have to find a disc or something or other.
So be looking for more updates from me....that is-if you really DO read my blog, anymore.
I have a new phone.
A Blackberry.
I'll have to try and blog from there.
We'll just have to see about that now won't we.
I've missed you all!
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