Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday 04/24/2009

Chase and his twin Buddha
(just kidding....just kidding)

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tradition Never Graduates

My brother's team at Waxahachie plays at a historic baseball park.

See the story (video) Waxahachie Indians Baseball.

My brother is the coach.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break '09

Thursday of Spring Break Mike and I took off and planned on a 'day trip' with the boys. We wanted to do a little something before Carson's upcoming surgery. We tried for days to figure out where we were going to go-what we were going to do. Mike woke up that morning and decided that we would go to Memphis.
Sounds good.
We started our tour at Rendezvous.
Not so impressed.
Isn't that THE place to eat in Memphis?
Been there done that-won't do it again.
We cruised around Beale Street for a bit letting the boys experience it.
Chase and I were inside a shop when and when we walk out we see Mike and Carson talking to someone. He knows someone everywhere!
I got closer and come to find out it was Carson' teacher and her husband. Mike said they walked by her and Carson look at him and mouthed the words Is that Mrs. Crawford?
I took their picture together but I think I lost that and several others by accidentally deleting them.
Note to on recovering those pics very soon.
The semi-finals of the NCAA tournament were also in town. We just happened upon Gonzaga coming back to their hotel from practice. I also got pictures of that, too. Or maybe not.
Mike's Uncle warren lives just down the road from Gonzaga in Spokane, WA.
Then off to the Zoo.
Yeah that sign below reads
Do Not Crawl On The Animals.

How cool looking is this little critter?
I think this is my fave of the day.

One grooming the other.
These were fun to watch.

My other fave of the day.

This bird was absolutely beautiful but I never could get a good shot of it.

Is that a gazelle? I don't remember but they were licking the walls.

This was actually cool.
Loved this. Can you see the prairie dog?

This zoo is much better than Little Rock's but I will have to say that Little Rock's train is a bit better.
Blazing train speed.

Carson at a foot massager.
Mike wanted to know how many other skank feet had been on there.

This is a silver back gorilla.
This is a silver back gorilla that nearly made Mike scream like a little girl.

This is him walking over to an area that is glassed in where people can observe up close.

This is him trying not to pay attention to Mike and the boys who are to his right.
Another of my fave pics.
And this is the silver back gorilla trying to attack Mike through the glass...or so he thought.
I was actually standing away from Mike and the boys trying to get som good shots. All of the sudden I look up and see Mike running away from the glass and then proceeds to hold his chest as if he'd been scared.
What a sissy-girl.
And he was gonna leave my boys there by themselves!
Dad of the Year.
This picture is actually the 2nd time tht it happened.
Can you see Mike's reflection in the glass.
He ain't skeered!

Totally Cool.

Back downtown for some dinner and then home.

Again....not too impressed.
It was a grand day.
The weather was perfect and I was with my family (well most of them anyway)...and my camera was in hand!
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