Friday, June 19, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday 06/19/2009

Look at my babies.
This was our attempt at family beach pics back in well...I don't really know.
My attempt will be better this year.
Pray that my family will be cooperative.

I simply cannot wait.
I'm sure I'll be up packing all night.
That's just how I roll.
I'm giddy with excitement.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Higher Bound

The last day of 5th grade.
The last day I'll ever have a kid in elementary school.
Here's Carson waiting on the bus.
He's quite annoyed as you can see.
The last elementary bus ride.
Ever. Marching in for graduation.
I didn't cry until I saw a woman behind me almost sobbing.
I looked at Mike, smiled, laughed to keep from totally bawling and he laughed and walked away...only because he was crying like a little girl!
He was so hacked because I wouldn't buy him a suit. He even offered to buy it himself. I just thought it was a waste of money. He'd never wear it again.
I didn't get a pic of him shaking hands. A lady stood up right in front of me to take a picture of her kid that had ALREADY walked. I was hacked...and isn't that typical? Mrs. Gray (holding the yellow paper) came to watch Carson and a few others.
She had him for 2nd and 3rd grade. One of our fave teachers!I thought this shirt looked awesome on him. What a pretty color.
Scary eyes.
So many kids had suits on.
The boy behind him.
Carson and Ethan.
Chillin back in the class.
He's a middle-schooler now.
So GLAD to be OUT of this school!
I wish someone had told me that my top was certainly not flattering on me.
See what I mean about the top?
But's about Carson.
And who's that hot guy in the green shirt?
Bound for middle school and we're excited.
So is he.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I have no frazzlin idea on how to post pictures on this stupid thing anymore.
I mean I DO but I just don't know how to make them orderly.
And THAT my friends makes me crazy.
Pictures can't tell a story when they're out of stinking order now can they?
Oh well.
We'll try now and figure the rest out later I guess.
Me peeps (no pun intended) at work gave me a plant for 'Administrative Professionals Day'.
You'll see it later in the post because I obviously can't put it in order!
It's a pretty little plant that I'll kill in no time.
But it looks nice on my porch.
Kinda homey looking.
Maybe a little too homey looking because a momma bird decided to make a home there.
This is the end result of the nest making/egg laying. These are the last pictures that I got of the babies before momma either moved them (not sure how she would have done that) or they flew away. Looking like this...I don't think that they flew.
All the stuff around the edge of the nest is just plain nasty looking but I think it's regurgitated worm.
I know.

Notice the egg to the right. Never did hatch.
It's still in the nest although the babies are gone.

See...It's just not an effective tool for story telling without order!
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Looking Good While You're Doing It

My sweet little nephew Lane umping a t-ball game.

Does he ever look like my brother from behind.
And I must say that this is the hottest ump ever at SHSOC!

It's a hard job that takes a lot of abuse.
But hey...somebody's gotta do it!
And you may as well look good while you're doing it!

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