Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday 03/28/2008


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Way to go Grannie!

Love it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The game

The Ball Park in Arlington
It's actually a very beautiful baseball park.

Mike and Tracy (my brother) chatting - pregame.

Waiting for the gates to open.

Chase and my mom and dad finding their seats. No Bob Eucker seats here.

Right beside the dugout.

I like this pic-
And this one.

Mom and Dad - Tracy and Lisa
My brother stopped to chat for a sec and Mike picked the camera up and wanted to take a picture of the two of us. Thanks, honey. That was really sweet. My niece Taylor fixed my hair for me. She flat-ironed it...and I loved it. So did Mike!
Me with my boys and Tracy
The Waxahachie coaches.
Warm up.



The National Anthem

They are sitting right over there....

Taylor wanted me to get good shots of the first baseman. I think this one's good enough, don't you Taylor?
Eating peanuts
It was really cool that we could sit pretty much where ever we wanted. Kody went off and sat in right field with Chase joining him soon after.
Brothers bonding.
Carson running after a foul ball.
It was a beautiful day.
Notice the temp.
I love me some Starbuck's Fraps.

Taylor and her girlfriends.
Who doesn't eat peanuts or seeds at a ballgame?

There they are...waaayyyy over there!

Enjoying the game.
Mike and Kody
Tracy coaching 3rd base (in the white and green - he's kinda hard to see).
His foul ball.

Carson across the stadium waiting for foul balls
That's Carson, the little speck in the middle of stands fetching a foul ball.

The foul ball.
I thought this was a cool picture. You can see the ball right before it hits the catcher's glove.
The final score 3-1.
Waxahachie won.

Mike and one of the player's dad. He just happens to be the superintendant of the school. His son has signed to play with the University of Nebraska. Super nice guy.

Tracy with my parents

This is Rafael Palmeiro. He used to play for the Texas Rangers and the Baltimore Orioles. His son played for the team that played after Waxahachie.
Nice mullet!
His son's team in a prayer. I loved it! That's Patrick Pameiro...# 23.
Rafy....he tested positive for steroids a few years ago. He was one of the earlier ones along with McGwire and all those guys. He did the Bill Clinton thing pointing his finger at congress saying he did not do it. Yeah right! I googled him and saw on youtube where he testified. He was totally hot in that video. Not so much in person. I never really even got close enough to see but -that hair!
This is his wife (the blonde) and this is her friend. She's fixing one of the many HA-UGE diamond bracelets Mrs. Palmeiro had on her wrist. I mean BIG! But golly-gee, she had to have something to match the ginourmous rock on her finger. You can probably click on the picture and enlarge it to see the ring on her finger.
Patrick and Rafy
Tying his britches a little tighter. does a body good!
Kody had begged to eat at this restaurant since he went to the Cotton Bowl. It was his favorite. It's just like Blue Coast Burrito. We obliged him.

After lunch.
The burrito!
It was a REALLY-REALLY fun day!