Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite Foto Friday

Yeah she does!!!
And on January 30th
she'll be totally rocking out with

And him....


Rock out a little early here:

It's back to big hair.
Gotta get some new hot rollers-

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joy To The World

(sung to the tune of Joy to the World)
Joy to the world
On Christmas Day
I was sick all stinkin day.
I stayed up half the night
to wrap too many gifts
that I spent too much money on
but my kids don't really care
my kids don't really care
My ungrateful kids don't even care!
My back hurt so bad
I took a percocet
It knocked me on my butt
I had to lay in bed
I missed the dinner spread
All I wanted was mashed potatoes and bread
Mashed tatas and bread
All I wanted was mashed potatoes while I lay in bed

Saturday, December 22, 2007


For the last couple of years the girls that I'm closest to at work have gone out for 'our own' Christmas party. This year we walked down to the River Market and had dinner at Bosco's. One girl was sick so there were just the five of us. We always enjoys each others company. We each add such a variety to our group. We always exchange gifts amongst ourselves, too. This year I gave big tote bags that Susan monogrammed for me. Girl, you did a GREAT job---they were such a hit. I had their initials on one side and then on the other I had Proverbs 17:17...A friend loveth at all times. I should have had one done for myself as I was a bit jealous. I love my girls.
Thursday was my office Christmas party. We have a committee at work (which I'm STILL on) that deals with party's, hospitality issues, different things. It's always up to us to figure out a Christmas party. Somehow it always seems to get dumped in my lap to do it. The last 3 or so years (because everyone liked it so well) we've gone to Capriccio's in the Peabody. They serve a pasta bar at lunch. Oh my....GOOD! If you're downtown sometime-it's a must! This year it was decided that we would ride the trolley down to Cafe 42 inside the Clinton Presidential Library. It's always kinda fun to 'get out' with the people you work matter how much you can't stand some of them. Just 2 weeks ago we got a new Commissioner. We usually get a new one after an election when the political party of a new Governor changes. We thought for SURE that after last January we'd be getting a new Commissioner. Sheesh....could Beebe have waited any longer? We were all SERIOUSLY praying for change. So far the new guy is awesome. He's a couple years younger than me. That's weird. You truly know you're getting old when your boss is younger than you and your preacher is younger than you. Ouch..that hurts! So anyhoo, once again-I digress. I think everyone enjoyed Cafe 42. I only heard of one person's grumblings, which isn't bad out of 33 people, but why do I take such offense to that? I'm the one that planned EVERYTHING...that did all the calling of different restaurants, made the reservations, confirmed the reservations, called about trolley information sent out the e-mails blah-blah-blah. And some people make such big deals out of crap. I'M NOT DOING IT NEXT you hear me? I want off the committee (it's time anyway) and next year I'm gonna be the one that sits backs...and does nothing but gripe! how's that for a little Saturday morning rant?
After we get back from lunch I head to Carson's party at school. I get to help serve cupcakes that are in the shape of a cake. GOOD LORD....the icing was like 2 inches thick. I could barely cut it with a plastic knife...and I'm not lying! So I see this young guy walk in the some goodies for the party-I just thought he was young looking dad. I'm busy serving the 25 pound cupcakes and Carson comes over tot ell me that a celebrity is there.
I look up..."where?"
Carson - Pointing, "Over there."
Me - "Who is he?"
Carson - "I don't know...he's plays pro baseball."
Me - "What? Go find out his name."
Carson - "D'Marcus"
Oh my gosh...then I holler (yeah I said it - I hollered) across the room at him. It was D'Marcus Ingram. He used to play ball with Kody and Mike used to coach him in baseball at our park. His little sister is in the class and he came to visit the party. He's playing in the minors for the Cardinals. And let me just add that the boy is GOOD! I got a hug and we chatted for a bit while he signed autographs. He laughed at how big Carson is now and commented on how bad he used to be...(or still is?!?!) Carson was cool because he knew him and some of the little girls in the class were a little smitten with him. D'Marcus had his moments with attitude when he was younger (but which of them didn't?) but I'm really excited that he's doing so well.
Carson's letter to Santa.

Carson with D's hat on.
Signing Carson's shirt.
That's a uniform shirt!

All the guys in the class. D'Marcus was really great with all the kids.
Carson sitting at his teacher's work table....telling her that she's fired!
Notice the mess from the cupcakes.

The gift for me and Dad.

Chase just left for a party this morning. It's a party for the officer's in the band and it's a pajama party.
I'm about partied out-

Friday, December 21, 2007

Breath of Heaven

I got this from Stacy the other day. Thnx for sharing.

Fave Foto Friday

Chase and Allison
after their holiday band concert

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

S C R E A M!!!!!!!

This is this very moment!

And yes...I'm sure I'm violating some sort of copyright law by posting this picture.


Monday, December 17, 2007


Seriously continue to pray for this family.
Carson and I went to Lawson's service today. It was a wonderful, wonderful service. NPHS Band had their holiday concert tonight. They have a tradition of playing "Salvation is Created." It has special meaning to many past and now present band members. There are several different 'parts' in the song that are dedicated to those who have passed away that were special to Ms. D and band members. Tonight a special part was added in honor of Lawson. The clip clops of horses hooves could be heard at the very end of the song. You see, Lawson was a cowboy. Carson or I neither one really knew Lawson too well. We learned a lot today about him. The preacher referenced Tanya Tucker's song that says "When I die, I may not go to heaven cause I don't know if they let cowboys in." I'm sure Lawson the cowboy is trapping coons and fishing in heaven's abundance and glory.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just call me Suzie

That's right. Just call me Suzie. Suzie homemaker that is. I spent ALL afternoon in the kitchen. Not my favorite all! Yesterday didn't start off too well. I woke up pretty early and chilled on the couch watching a little tube. As Chase and Carson rolled out of bed I thought to myself...."today will be a good day". Um, so not really. I DVR Oprah and Dr. Phil everyday and I watched an episode of Oprah. It was on domestic violence. It left me with a really horrible feeling on top of Chase really hacking me off. So downhill it went! We started moving around and got out of the house around 10:30. We head to Sams where we have to buy at least 2 new tires. We really need 4....but really - at Christmas? The first 2 were $300.00! GAH! So needless to say that set me off even further! Bad day. The next two tires will have to wait until after Christmas. GAH! I even took some kind of anti-anxiety pill a friend had given me several weeks ago. We sorta shopped around Sam's for a while but I couldn't do much shopping because Mike let Chase come with us. Irritated again. We headed on to Carson's basketball game. I was just wound too tight and needed to go home. I would do nobody any good on the roads or shopping. I'd have to kill somebody. So I went home and took a nap. Naps aren't good for me. I usually wake up in an incredibly bad mood...and I did. I think that my stress came from the fact that I just all of the sudden have felt the stress of Christmas. And did I ever feel it! ALL DAY! A day that started bad and ended bad. I woke up a little more refreshed today. I decided I was gonna try and make some Christmas candy this afternoon. After spending time in the church nursery this morning we went to the grocery store. Here are the fruits of my labour.

Divinity and Rice Krispie treats. No Bake cookies

I just do not care at all to be in the kitchen. What possessed me today? Not sure. I guess I needed it after yesterday. I needed to decompress-in the kitchen...what was I thinking? I DID have fun, though. I made the Rice Krispy treats for Carson since he's anaphylactic to most anything else I might have made. I LOVE them myself. Today was my first go round with divinity. My first batch was pretty good but the second batch didn't 'set' as well. Carson can also have that. It's sugar and marshmallow creme. Who's allergic to that? The no bake cookies I also love! The second batch also didn't turn out quite so good. I threw most of those out. Too gooey...must have been too much heat where I 'dropped' them. I think I might even try to do some fudge later this week (like I have time).


(aka Suzie)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Favorite Christmas Movie....EVER!

What's your favorite Christmas movie? I've heard several conversations about just that subject recently. I never really thought I had a favorite. I can't say that I've ever really even sat and watched It's A Wonderful Life.
I think this one wins the prize at our house! I can SO relate to this move. I mean's not like this movie isn't our family theme so should you be surprised? What more would you expect from us?
What's Your Favorite?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Foto Friday

I think Chase was 4 almost 5 here.
We really tried.
I was pregnant with Carson at the time and Chase was WAY ADHD.
Needless to say soccer didn't hold his attention too long.
We tried!
A former soccer mom,

Lawson Phillips

Lawson passed away today at bout 2:15 pm.
Their extended family is very close.
Please pray for them all.

Childhood Christmas Memories

With all my lurking at other blogs I sometimes get ideas for my own posts. Here goes another.
8 Christmas Memories

1] Growing up my bedroom was on the front of the house. We always had colored lights on the outside of the house at Christmas time. You know, the big fat bulbs? It always lit my room up. I always loved to lay in my bed at night and look out of my window and stare at those lights. How excited I was with anticipation. It reminds me of the joy of Christmas through a child's eyes.

2] My brother Kirk talked me into to opening a gift that was under the tree. It was the ONE and ONLY time that I ever did it. It was a small box and as I recall he even told me what it was as I was opening it. Carefully and gently I loosened the tape. I knew I shouldn't be doing it. But I just couldn't help myself. Kirk said he had already done it with one of his. I removed the small box from the wrapping paper and opened it. It was a ring. I can't really remember if it was the first ring my parents ever bought me or maybe the second and I believe it was my birthstone. (Sorry mom if you're reading this). The surprise was SO ruined. It tainted the excitement of the Christmas unwrap fest. I hated myself for doing it. I NEVER did it again.

3] For as long as could ever remember we always went to my Grannie and Poppa's (paternal)house for Christmas Eve. Most of the family was usually there. My cousin Kim and I always exchanged gifts. She lived across the street from my grandparents and they practically raised her because my aunt was a single mom and worked long hours. She was an only child and the closest thing that I ever had to a sister. I always remember when it came time for my grandparents to open their gifts that my Poppa would always cry. He was such a softy. Sitting here, I've never really much thought about it but I'd sure like to see him again. I guess I've never really thought about it much because he died when I was about 10. The first grandparent I ever lost and I was not familiar with death at all. I digress...back to the memories. I can remember shortly after we arrived at my Grannie and Poppa's house one year that my dad and Poppa started out the door.
Me: Where are you going?
Dad: To the store.
Me: I wanna go!
Dad: No.
Me: What are going for?
Dad: To get a coke.
I had always thought that was a bizarre answer. Didn't we have plenty of coke and food in the house? Just a few years later I finally discovered 'where' they were actually going. We always had 'Christmas' on Christmas Eve. Santa (my Dad and Poppa) would always come by the time we got home. We could hardly wait to get out of the car and get into the house. It was a race to see who could get to the door the quickest. Oh the anticipation!

4] Christmas morning we always awoke to the clanging of pots and pans and the smell of food. My mom getting dishes ready to take to her parent's house in Bauxite. We were always there before lunch. Decked out in our new clothes, new shoes and whatever select toys we decided to tote with us. I DO remember that we could always count on one distant cousin to bring the latest, greatest in the toy department. He ALWAYS got whatever was the rage that year and of course it was always cool. He was younger than me and that was really the only time I ever saw him. Can't tell you the last time I saw's been years. I remember one year my parents (for whatever reason) decided to go to Bauxite on Christmas Eve. A little out of the ordinary but I was game. I had never really opened presents 'with them'. By the time we always got down there everything was gone but ours. And there was hardly ever anyone in the house. My Grannie's sister lived 2 houses down and that's usually where all the extended family gathered. We always went inside, opened our gifts and then headed down the path between the houses.

5] Our church had a children's program for Christmas one year. I have no idea how old I was. I was chosen to be the angel that delivered the good news to Mary. I had my lines memorized perfectly. I was cool. The angel was cool. I could do this. When it came time for the angel (that would be me) to speak her lines, I had to come down the side aisle of the sanctuary and move towards the stage. I was wearing a white baptismal robe and wings. I don't recall if I wore a halo. Oh need. My own natural angelic halo was surely enough! Anyway-as I was saying how cool I was - I had to hit a certain mark at a certain time. Being so cool and all...I was hanging back until I realized I was a tad late hitting my mark. Holy cow! I remember hustling (running) down the aisle holding my wings in place whispering as loud as I could...."OH CRAP!" Angelicism at its finest right there, now!

6] Every Christmas morning the first thing my brother and I would do is get ready. If we got a new bike, ride that down the street about 4 houses and go visit the Galbraith family. They had 7 kids. I was in between the younger girls Dawn and Debbie. Dawn was a year older and Debbie was a year younger. The middle boy Mark was Kirk's age. The whole family including the grown siblings were always there. We would always compare toys.

7] There was a particular game that I wanted one year. I have no idea what game it was...but I wanted it and I thought I had made that fact clear. Wellll....come Christmas-I DIDN'T get it! The ONE time that I can remember my mom asking if everyone was happy with what they got or maybe she even asked if we got what we wanted. "No" was my reply. "I wanted such and such game." Ruh-Ro! After I got my booty rheemed out-I was sent to my room. Sad, huh? Bratty kid. I never said they were good memories!

8] Christmas Morning 1989. Watching Mike set up a toy train for Kody. That was when I knew I had to straighten up and act right. I felt a little bit of something for him that morning. Now here we are 18 years later. This is what the memories are all about.

Ready to make more memories,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Motivation In The Form Of A Kid

I got suckered into letting a friend of Carson's spend the night Saturday night. He told Mike that our house was messy. You gotta know it's bad when a kid makes that comment. Mike saw my post about our messy house. I think he was pretty much mortified. I don't blame him. I really should be as well. Christina laughed at me, too. I deleted the post. I don't know what happened to me...when I morphed into such a horrible housekeeper. In the past I didn't so much mind cleaning. I absolutely despise it now. Why? I can't really put my finger on it. Does the fact that I hate it really justify not doing it? I don't think so. Anyway, I felt like a skank when that kid said that. It wasn't really dirty-per say, just he said. So I got on my horse and went to town. It looked much better after I put some things away and put away laundry. I am a horrible procrastinator and therefor I'll put things away later....but that's another blog entry in itself-have I said that before? So things are kinda better. I at least wanted it to be before all the Christmas garb got drug out.
Mike is back in Fort Smith. I have really enjoyed my time in front of the TV the nights that he's been gone. Don't get me wrong-I miss him like crazy. With my house picked up I feel like I can halfway relax. It's been nice although I am beginning to feel the stress of the impending holidays. I have way tons of shopping left to do. Maybe I'll invite the kid over to motivate me for that too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Chachi finally dumped Joani

Joanie loves Chachi check it out.
Click here to see The beginning of the end.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Don't rain on MY parade.

Last Saturday's Jacksonville Christmas parade.
Great weather.
North Pulaski band marched.
The parade begins.
I didn't get a pic of Chase marching. I videoed instead. I am not ambidextrous (HA) and can't video AND take pictures at the same time.
Sherwood's Christmas parade. Rain threatened pre-parade.
A few sprinkles didn't hurt us much.
Carson and his friend Michael at school before the parade. Michael came here from Wisconsin-hence the Green Bay hat. He has such a sweet mom but they are way yankee. They have that Wis-kahn-sen accent.
Waiting for the festivities to begin.
Across the road was our friends the Bolin's and their daughter and new son-in-law. Not sure who the girl is on the far left, Erica Johnson is next to her in the green shirt . She is one of Kody's friends and her dad and Mike were really good friends in high school. Peggy and Taco Bolin with Brittany sitting to the right. JJ and Chase are sitting on the toolbox.
FINALLY...Everyone loves a parade.
The 4th and 5th grade choir from Carson's school.

Carson and Ethan.

Looking forward to the NLR parade on Saturday.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've been slacking. I know it. There's nothing I can do about it. I was blogging at home but by the time I got on here and did 'my thing' it was SO late. I had to back off of the late night blogs. It seems I was getting up later and later each morning. Therefor, getting to work later and later each morning. A couple of days ago I was chastised at work for such. We have a new boss. The (not so new anymore democratic) Governor FINALLY got around to booting out or way republican commissioner. Our new guy starts next week. We're ready for a change. Time to start anew...kinda-with the new guy anyway.
Just so you know...I'm always late. Now that may come as a surprise to some of you...those that know how organized I am (sarcasm). The not-so-written rules at our office are that we MUST get to work before 8:30 (the work day starts at 8:00) or you must take an hour of leave time. Guess who's leave time gets knocked back each month a few hours? I hate it. I hate that I'm always late. I like being on time. Depending on my destination...I like to be early! Does it ever happen? Rarely. So the chastisement got me motivated. Isn't that what it's supposed to do? The last 2 days I've busted my big-ol fanny trying to get out the door to get myself to work at a reasonable time. And oh yeah...get Carson to school on time (which is a rarity, too. Sad, I know). Yesterday I got to work at after 8:15. Today, after a small fit before I walked out of the door, I got to work at 8:23. What the? I left a relatively reasonable time. Traffic. Both days. Figures. Why bother leaving early? I can leave the same time I normally leave and drive like a wild woman and get there at the same time.
I will persevere.
2Timothy 4:7.
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith.
I will get to work on time.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lawson Update

David and Lorey Phillips
with Hannah and Lawson.

An online update page.

You must create a sign-in.

Still praying for Lawson.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It Was What Time?

4 am.

Yes - it was.

4 am when I rolled into the drive-way this morning.

Earlier in the week Christina said that 2 of the teenage girls from church had offered to babysit on Friday night. She wanted to get a few people and go out. Sure. Sounds fun. I took the kids to church for her on Wednesday night because she stayed home with Bennett. He was sick and they spent some good time together. I drove Aaron's car because mine was way too junked out to put 27 kids in it and Aaron's already had car seats in it. I thought it was pretty cool to dive his rig. We also talked earlier in the day because she wanted to go to the Women's Ministry Christmas Banquet. She and Beth went together. It was a nice evening. Christy Garner's mother spoke and was very inspiring. I've gotten a few ideas from her but more about that later. Stacy and I sat together at a table with other women we did not know. Our conversation most of the night was on the latest news but while we were chatting Christina came to visit. Somehow I end up sitting there bawling as we talked to her. How'd that happen? Oh my gosh. I hate crying and I felt kinda stupid because I felt like I just rambled on....but I think she understood my point. OK....I digress...back to the real story.

So we talk and decide that we'll go eat Chinese food and then play it by ear for after dinner. Brandy came along with us. Just us three. Christina and I ended up discussing how much we like to be at home. How we really kinda dread 'going and doing' but once we get up and out....we're fine. I told her that Mike is always the socializer in our family...he likes to go and be entertained and mix and mingle. She said Aaron was the same. No great surprise there, huh? So we made ourselves get up and go. Meredith and Katie thank you so much for volunteering to keep the kids. Please do it again soon.

As we leave from the Chinese place we head to West Little Rock. Brandy wanted to go to Williams Sonoma. Why on earth would you want to go to a luggage store. What? It's not luggage? It's a pretty cool kitchen store. Ok, so not really that cool. Christina and I just kinda meandered around aimlessly whilst Brandy just had the best time. I hate to cook. They have really cool stuff....a bit pricey...but cool. From there we decide to go see a move. It started at 10:10 so we went to Starbucks to kill some time. Brandy got one of their feature coffee's. It's no wonder I spilled half of it all over the table. That stuff was so heavy I could barely lift the cup. It was pretty stout. I think I needed to shave my tongue after I tasted it. Blah!
Off to the movies. Christina really wanted to go see August Rush. I had no idea what it was. We don't go see movies much and I had not seen any previews for it so it was fine by me.

$9.00. Yep. $9.00.
Good Lord Amighty-WOW!

So now I will take this moment and tell you that I would pay it again to see this movie.
Great flick!
A must see!
2 thumbs up!
5 stars!

Check out the preview on the sidebar to your right. Click the WB and then enter site. Next go to video. I got a text from Stacy tonight. They went to see it and she said it was awesome....I told ya! Although there was a preview that was shown prior to our movie. PS, I love You. Sad. Very sad. I hurt for Christina so much. It just seemed like horrible timing.
Back to Jacksonville to the McCoy's. We chatted with the babysitters for a bit and they headed on their way. I really intended on leaving. Right then. Not at 3:45....AM! We sat at the kitchen table chatting it up. We looked at pics of Aaron. We talked...we surely laughed-and of course we cried. We had some pretty interesting conversations last night didn't we girls? Especially at New China and in the car. Shaving ummm...legs? I'm glad I got to know you better Brandy. I'm sure we now know a little bit more about each other than we ever intended LOL!
I enjoyed myself. I hope it was good for you to get out, Christina. I know that it was hard. I wish that I could take the pain and the frustration away from you. I would do that for you.
Let's do it again....SOON!

Love you girl,