Thursday, August 30, 2007

10 P's

I saw this on someone else's blog. It's the 10 P's for Thursday. Just something random.
1) Pawpaw. This is the most precious man that I know.
This (besides Jesus) is a picture of unconditional love. I have such guilt about not spending any more time down there visiting and helping out. It's just SO hard. He only lives 30 minutes away. Shouldn't be too hard, huh? I will see you soon, Pawpaw. I promise!
2) Pre-menstrual. 'Nuff said!
3) Pedicure. Haven't had ONE this summer. I was addicted to them last summer and kept cute feet all the time. I figure I can keep cute feet on my own...for FREE, although I do need to get out Mike's belt sander and do something with these heels.
4) Pork or beef...I never know which one to get when I get BBQ. I just always follow Mike's lead and get whatever he gets, which I think is beef. We're both taking a 1/2 day off tomorrow to have a 'date afternoon'. A little Pig and Chick is sounding good right about now. Wooops. Just remembered about the diet. DANG!!!!!! Oh well. Thay have good BBQ salad, too. I'm excited about our date.
5) Parking. Mike is officiating the Salt Bowl at War Memorial tomorrow night. Huge Saline County (where my roots are) rivalry between Benton and Bryant. I plan on going because I LOVE to watch Mike ref. WHERE AM I GOING TO PARK??? They are expecting 25,ooo people. Yeah, you saw it right....that's TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND! I've asked Mike's mom to go with me and the boys so we really don't need to do a whole lot of walking. I had planned on taking Carson on to practice for a bit but we may just have to skip out on it. (Don't tell his coach). OH man...I JUST GOT SMART ON MYSELF. I can park where the officials park because Mike will be riding home with us. Hee Heee! Hallaluia! Solves that problem now doesn't it? Dang, I'm good.
6) Pigskin. Hogs. This weekend. I can't wait.
7) Pee. Yeah, I said it. It's in the a.m. and I've already drank over 48 ounces of water. Do you know how many times that I've had to stop in the middle of this and pee?
8) Pants. Easy button and zip pants. Glad that I have them on today. See # 7 above.
9) Pounds. Still holding steady at 2 pounds lost. Hey...I'm down with that. I've cheated (just a bit) so I've been drinking tons more water today. Again...see #7 above.
10) Park. Mike and I have to be at the ball park tonight to help with fall ball sign-ups. Ugh. Didn't the regional tournament just end yesterday? Surely seems like it. I have laundry to do...I don't have time for that dumb ball park.
There you have it,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I came across this today. I thought it would be something useless you might just be amused by.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pic of the Week

I's sick. You know...when your spit gets really thick and you let it get REALLY long and then suck it back up. He was pretty pumped because it got pretty long. At least it didn't wrap around his head as he tried to suck it back up!

Falcons, Hawaii and Pickles Gap

On Friday afternoon Chase and the Falcon band played at Cornerstone Church in Sherwood for Football Fan Fest. 'Little' Wally Hall did a remote with his show there. There was food and local high school coaches and players were invited to attend. Rick Schaeffer was the guest speaker (the biggest Razorback suck-up on the face of the planet...I would imagine that most you reading this do not know who he is). A video of the Falcon band is at the very bottom of this post.

The band

The Freshman trumpet-ier
All under the watchful eye of Karen Dismuke (aka Ms. D) the best band director around.
Carson was asked to hold music for the fluters-is that what they're called?
So Saturday started off with a meeting in Greenbrier. We left the house at 9:30 am and made it to GB in 40 minutes...flyin low. The meeting was in regards to a trip that Chase may....and I DO MEAN MAY get to go on. Lots of different high school bands (actually random students from those bands) from around the state have been invited. It's in Hawaii. I think they need chaperones and of course with Chase's asthma bein so bad and all, I would never send him alone...wink...wink! Wellllllllllll this trip is really, I mean REALLY expensive. But anyway, it sounds WAY cool and any donations would be accepted. Simply make your check payable to the Sanders Foundation. This, of course, will be tax-deductible. So on the way back from GB we stopped at Pickle's Gap. We've driven by it a hundred times but never stopped. The name...don't ask...I have no idea. But we did meet Chase's long lost twin brother there...take a gander.

Looks like a mean dude to me. All he needs now is a Harley.
These 2 goobers were trying to figure out some type of brain teaser. How many Sanders does it take....
Daniel Boone??
This was in the antique shop. I loved all the hats.

Harry Potter

Mike and I discovered that we really enjoyed the antique shop. Yes, even Mike! Pretty cool stuff to look at. We may just go do that again sometime soon. Oh yeah, they have a fudge shop, too.
Chocolate Fudge with caramel and nuts...doesn't look to appetizing but oh my.
Fudge + Diet = NOT!!!!

Click on the arrow.

So he doesn't have much rythym but he can sure toot his horn! I myself think they sound pretty darn good.

Headed to bed,

Friday, August 24, 2007


Yesterday Carson and I had a run-in. This was shortly after Chase and I had already had words. I had not been home for even 10 minutes. I mentioned to someone yesterday that things had been going pretty well...for the first week of school-----STOP! I usually know better than to jinx myself by saying things such as this. Apparantly NOT......STUPID! After Mike made his way home from Fayetteville he sat them down and they had a come-to-Jesus meeting. No more. Ain't happening. 0 tolerance. CONSISTENCY! It'll be a test of wills...a battle. Dear Lord...just pray for us...or maybe you should pray for them!
On to the next battle: The diet is going OK. I feel like I've done pretty well. I've been kinda going back to the Weight Watcher's diet. Lots and lots of water. I got on the scales this morning. Still at just one lb....which is fine (not really but I guess I'll take it.) I've been meaning to have Mike take a picture of me. In my undies. I know what you're thinking so stop it. It will be the BEFORE picture. Shall I post it? Oh...I don't think so, Tim! Maybe after I've lost my goal of 75 (or realistically 50) and after I've had a boob job. That is my ultimate reward. Mike and I decided that together. What good are new boobs, though with hanging sagging skin? One of those things that make you go eee-uuuu-wwwww!!!
Carson started football this week. I sit and visit with Chip and Tammy during practice. Tammy told me yesterday to bring my walking shoes. Fine with me. She'll be my butt kicker. Just please don't leave me in the dust, Tammy. Oh I'm trying! It's always a mind thing with me, though. I feel motivated. I've started out with a positive attitude. I'm ready. I've been good out of the chute now the race is on. Gettin' skinny.....

One pound at a time!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Easy Button

Dinner for Chase and Carson tonight...Sonic.
This is it - my version of the easy button. Push, speak, eat.
This is what Momma had for din-din!
A night out with the in-laws - and Mike wasn't even there. Missed you, honey. Good food and ummm...I guess decent company. just kiddin, Lisa. I love my in-laws.
So I started a diet on Monday. I've done pretty well - up until Chili's. I've been drinking tons of H2O, something I never do. From Monday to Tuesday I gained 2 lbs. What's up with that? We'll just say it's water weight. Although today I checked and I had lost 3lbs. Yeah....GO ME! Untill tonight, I've done pretty well. Not by my doings alone. I have prayed about this. Thank you Lord for....Chili's!!!!!!
Fat and sad that I blew the diet tonight,

Monday, August 20, 2007

School day, school day....

Ahhh...the first day of school. I'm usually looking forward to this day from about the 5th day of June. This summer actually hasn't been too bad. I usually get calls at work all day long of fighting and what have you. Not too bad this year. I guess they're growing up.
Since Kody's first day of Kindergarten (what's it been, 15 years?) our kids (and yours truly) have had to endure the singing of the Daddy:
If I remember correctly it's a continuation of a tradition started by Mike's Dad, Peepaw. (or Peepawl as Carson says).
Also another tradition on the first day...PICTURES
The first time in about 8 years that Chase hasn't had to wear uniforms. Welcome to High School , Chase. Carson is pretty pumped about his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Coy. I've heard really good things about her. She seems real sweet (so far). We'll see what Carson can do about that!
(don't hate on the color of my house...I know...way out of date. We're working on it!)Clinton Elementary. This is the 14th year straight that we've had a kid in this school, since it's opening. Wonder if we'll get some kind of medal next year (our last year). And then there's Kody. It would surely be nice if it were a school (college) day for him. Maybe sometime soon, though. He starts a new shift today. 3-11pm. I'm hoping a new schedule, and a new sleep schedule will do him some good. Now he needs a raise! This is what he looked like as we walked out of the door this morning.
And this is what his room looked like! CLEAN THIS PIT!!!!
Carson has his first football practice tonight! No rest for the weary.
Relieved that school is in session,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Missing the King and birthday wishes

The 30th anniversary of the King's passing. I paid tribute most of the day by listening to the hottest rocker EVER!
And in honor of my favorite president's birthday...we took a tour of his presidential library.

A little birthday cake to celebrate.

In the cabinet room. Carson sitting in the President's chair.

No flashes in here...Chase and the skyline of Little Rock

I took this picture because I thought it was just too bizarre. It was during one of Clinton's campaigns. Am I the only one that thinks he looks weird here?

This was after Mike ran through the library holding an American flag chanting "Four more years - four more years!" He needed some time to gather himself so I left him with his reading...of the Oval Office.
THE desk. This desk actually has a name (insert your own joke here-and keep it clean). It's called the Resolute
And speaking of bizarre...guess who watches you whilst you pee.
Yep, none other than the Bill himself. Made me kinda chuckle. was a long afternoon. I don't recommend taking kids on your visit here.
'Building a bridge to the 21st century'

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to North Pulaski High School

HE DID IT!!!! CHASE PASSED HIS CORRESPONDENCE COURSE!!!!! He made a 92% on the first semester and a 93% on the second semester. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Cheryl Weinberg. You were a GREAT help! He couldn't have done it withou you. GREAT JOB, Chase! Now we KNOW that you can do has been PROVEN! Now YOU know that it can be done. Keep it up. YOU CAN DO IT!(from 'Water Boy') Now...Get'r Done! Always remember the wise words of your father....Get on it, boy!
Hayden Chase Sanders - NPHS Class of 2011

Proud momma,


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend at the lake

Chris and Renee Burks called and asked us to Greers Ferry last weekend. Of couse we accepted. They just recently purchased a cute lake house with another family. The other family couldn't make it for the weekend and we were glad! Thanks for the invite!
We got to know the Burks' because their older son Addison and Carson played on the same T-Ball team together at the ripe old age of 5. They've played football, basketball and baseball together (for the most part) ever since...with the exception of this year. I've sure missed our ball park days together.
SO here is our adventure....
Mike, Chase and Carson getting ready to tube.

Chris, the skipper.

Carson about to launch on skis.

Chase soakin' in the sun.

Mikey Mike and Chris and their 'noodles.' Mackenzie was whiped out after schooling the older boys on how to ski.

HOT.....was the weather - and of course Renee! The heat was brutal.

Mackenzie-who just happens to be my favorite! I love this kid!

Chris and Renee

Carson and the wind blown look.

Carson, Mackenzie and Addison tubing

Renee and Mack.

Two buddies - Carson and Addison after a quick trip to the marina for what else...popsicles and lolipops. A little dip to cool off. Renee and the kiddies. Chase hangin out on the boat.
Back at the lake house - a night full of W W E wrestling moves.
Mackenzie (speak no evil) Chris (see no evil) and Carson (hear no evil) Mike has since paid for this little go round with the slalom. Not 18 anymore are you, babe? Chase, Mike and Carson -a little fun in the sun!


Sugarloaf in the background. Carson (in the red) and Addison (in the white) doing some cliff jumping. Thanks Chris and Renee for a great weekend away. We SO needed it and we had a GREAT time! We've missed you guys and it was great to spend time together again.

Rested and sunburned,