Monday, August 20, 2007

School day, school day....

Ahhh...the first day of school. I'm usually looking forward to this day from about the 5th day of June. This summer actually hasn't been too bad. I usually get calls at work all day long of fighting and what have you. Not too bad this year. I guess they're growing up.
Since Kody's first day of Kindergarten (what's it been, 15 years?) our kids (and yours truly) have had to endure the singing of the Daddy:
If I remember correctly it's a continuation of a tradition started by Mike's Dad, Peepaw. (or Peepawl as Carson says).
Also another tradition on the first day...PICTURES
The first time in about 8 years that Chase hasn't had to wear uniforms. Welcome to High School , Chase. Carson is pretty pumped about his 4th grade teacher, Ms. Coy. I've heard really good things about her. She seems real sweet (so far). We'll see what Carson can do about that!
(don't hate on the color of my house...I know...way out of date. We're working on it!)Clinton Elementary. This is the 14th year straight that we've had a kid in this school, since it's opening. Wonder if we'll get some kind of medal next year (our last year). And then there's Kody. It would surely be nice if it were a school (college) day for him. Maybe sometime soon, though. He starts a new shift today. 3-11pm. I'm hoping a new schedule, and a new sleep schedule will do him some good. Now he needs a raise! This is what he looked like as we walked out of the door this morning.
And this is what his room looked like! CLEAN THIS PIT!!!!
Carson has his first football practice tonight! No rest for the weary.
Relieved that school is in session,