Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Season

What I am most thankful for in this season of thankfulness is this precious man.Roy Rufus Strange.
I've blogged about him before.
He's my 88 year old Pawpaw.
I am so incredibly thankful that he is my Pawpaw.
A very kind and gentle man.
(Although I've heard a story or 2 about him back in the day being a bit of a rounder.)
Over the last several months I've learned some things about my Pawpaw. I've heard many stories relayed by my Dad about my Pawpaw's military experience. He is a WWII veteran. A veteran who was shot in the back of the head by a German sniper. He wears a plate in the back of his head because of it. He was discharged in the 1940's with 100% disability. One year later without explanation his disability was knocked down to 50%. Over the last 13 or so months my Dad has made it his personal mission to see that my Pawpaw is given what's due him from the last 60 + years. He has run the gamut at the VA and has contacted our State Senators. Progress is being made in the right direction.
He was awarded 8 medals for his military service. One being the Bronze Star with another being the Purple Heart.
This makes me proud.
He worked hard to care for his 4 kids, my mother being one of those 4. He loved my Grannie.
Mutt, as he is affectionately known, is nearing the end of his time.
Won't you pray for him?
He is the last of my grandparents.
I love this man.
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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

This moved me to tears!

I stopped and said a prayer for Mutt! I pray he gets what is right to him.....what an amazing story he has. Thank him for me, for serving our country.....I would be a proud granddaughter as well!!

Shannon said...

Thanks so much Betty!