Monday, November 30, 2009

Hit That Line....

Finally pictures.
In no particular order.
In no particular order because it's been so long since I've done pictures I have no idea how to move them in any type of order or move them for that matter.
Can anyone hook a sister up?
So here we go from the bee-hind order.
Fayetteville game against Troy.
On the way out of town Sunday morning we stopped by campus to see Lane's dorm. It was rainy and here are the best pics of my little lovelies at the stadium.

How is it to be so cool Carson?
This is the sign on the bathroom door of Lane's dorm.
Looking out of the window of Lane's hall. Good ole Uncle Mikey telling Lane stories about the brief time that he spent on campus...about the girls dorm next door - and how the boys would look into the girl's dorm. Nuff said. You can see Lane smiling!
The view from Lane's room.
Bud Walton arena.
Carson in all his coolness...again!
Aunt-ay Shannon and Unkie Mike

Lane and his dad, Kirk.
Chase chilling with the band. Tube to the left is a friend of his, Dustin Gilliland - an NP grad.
A fun weekend.
Oh NOW I see where he gets all his cool!!

Love this pic.

Lane on the jumbo-tron

4th from the front.
One the sidelines having fun.

Lane on the jumbo-tron

Hit that line-Hit that line...


Razorback Drum Line

Kicking it...

Lane in the middle of the screen.

Long legged kid dancing.

Fun times!

Thanks Doug and Laura for hosting us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Season

What I am most thankful for in this season of thankfulness is this precious man.Roy Rufus Strange.
I've blogged about him before.
He's my 88 year old Pawpaw.
I am so incredibly thankful that he is my Pawpaw.
A very kind and gentle man.
(Although I've heard a story or 2 about him back in the day being a bit of a rounder.)
Over the last several months I've learned some things about my Pawpaw. I've heard many stories relayed by my Dad about my Pawpaw's military experience. He is a WWII veteran. A veteran who was shot in the back of the head by a German sniper. He wears a plate in the back of his head because of it. He was discharged in the 1940's with 100% disability. One year later without explanation his disability was knocked down to 50%. Over the last 13 or so months my Dad has made it his personal mission to see that my Pawpaw is given what's due him from the last 60 + years. He has run the gamut at the VA and has contacted our State Senators. Progress is being made in the right direction.
He was awarded 8 medals for his military service. One being the Bronze Star with another being the Purple Heart.
This makes me proud.
He worked hard to care for his 4 kids, my mother being one of those 4. He loved my Grannie.
Mutt, as he is affectionately known, is nearing the end of his time.
Won't you pray for him?
He is the last of my grandparents.
I love this man.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Honest Truth

The real truth is....Facebook is the devil.
It's an addiction.
For whatever reason.
I seriously have been missing my blog. I really don't much like to blog without pics but I don't have any pics on this here new computer that I'm using. It's a laptop. Thank God for laptops. I hated sitting at out old crappy computer. It was crappy and I hated the chair and the desk. I'm currently sitting in my bed because my sweet husband 'hooked us up' and we now have wireless Internet. I know - we're probably miles behind the real world in getting it but whatever. We now have it and I now am blogging.
Aren't you glad?
Maybe someday I'll catch you all up on the past few month but for now - we'll just start from here.
G is the man!
Mikey G is now the cook of the house!
And mommy like!
The last few years I have come to despise cooking.
Hate it.
I think it just overwhelms me because I think I have so many other things to do. Anybody that's been to my house in the last few years knows that I'm not much of a housekeeper.
My apologies if you have actually been IN my house.
Eee gads!
But anyway.
He's enjoying it and I'm LOVING it.
Thanks babe for caring enough to do it.
It's a short work week and I'm glad.
Maybe I'll see you back here tomorrow night?
What is is they used to say....same bat station something or other?
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