Monday, October 8, 2007

Aaron McCoy

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Chad said...

I heard about Aarons untimely passing Friday just after lunch. I was unable to believe that it happened. I have known Aaron and his brother and sisters since we were all very young. The McCoy clan spent alot of time on my aunt and uncles farm where all the church kids would spend summers. I had not seen Aaron after high school until just this past summer. My wife had never met Aaron until the church picnic and was taken back by his cheerful and caring nature. Never without a smile that day and playing volleyball with his kids I saw in him the person that I want to be when I have kids. Christina, please know that we are here to do whatever we can for you and the kids. May God Bless you and Aaron forever smile down on all of us.

Chad and Andrea Williams
Bedford, Pa

ejazs said...

Hello all,
While I realize this is late I would still like to add a comment. Aaron worked for/with me for the last 14 months at the 314th OG/GCC. He was an amazing person adn I am only sorry I was not closer then I was to him. We were firends and went to each others kids parties ect. I last saw aaron at Lanie's pool birthday partie. I will miss him and my life has changed because of him. I went to all of the memorials and also went to Pa to the burial. It has been a rough week for all of us but it was the least I could do for Aaron. He was a man who knew where he was going, and I only wish I could figure out with the clearity he had where I am going. I witnessed how many peoples lives he has touched in one way or another and was amazed. He will be missed be me and my family. Christina if ever you need anything please let me know!
Red Smith