Friday, October 19, 2007

How Bout That Band?

The football team got spanked pretty bad tonight...OK, it was REALLY bad! But how bout that award winning Falcon Marching Band? Did you say, ummm, yeah-well how bout it? Well, just take a gander for youself. They were rockin it tonight. The best I've seen them yet. Click on the video below.
Takin' It To The Streets

The video isn't that great. I was all over the place - I used my regular digital camera and I was so confused on what to get because it was all SO good. Don't even ask where Chase is on the video. He's a trumpet-er (?) and is usually in the middle of the screen. At one point you can here me say that I lost him on the video. I'm just pretty amazed that anyone is able to first of all read music and then to play AND walk in any type of formation!! Some days I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Tonight NPHS was featured on the Channel 7 early evening news with Nerd, I mean Ned Perme. Tailgating with KFC. Chase was on the front row and was on camera a lot. Did you see him? I always knew he'd be on the news. I really firgured it'd be because he's some juvenile fugitive, though. JUST KIDDING! I'm proud of my little band nerd!

They went to a competition in Greenbrier this week. Came home with 4 trophies. Chase talked like that wasn't good. That's alright-just saving it for when it counts-tomorrow! Tomorrow they have 'Showcase of Bands' At War Memorial Stadium. They perform at 4:44 (weird-I know). Come out and support your Falcon Marching Band.

We'll see you there,