Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've Been Booed

This was hanging on my door tonight.
The boys and I had been at my parent's house for dinner
(Mike is STILL in Tennessee) -[heavy sigh].

No note as to who it might be from.

Only this little fella might know.... A little message.
This note says that I need to go buy a BOO kit from WM - purchase my favorite candy for the boo bags - drop the bags at 2 neighbor's or friend's houses and RUN - then dispay the BOO sign indicating that I've been BOOED
This little note says... blah-blah-blah....If we all do our part and spread the good cheer, By Halloween night it will be very clear, we're a friendly bunch, we like to share fun, so please do your part and keep "BOO" on the run!
How incredibly thoughtful. I love my friends...or was it a neighbor?


Could it have been Jason...or Freddy...or even Josh!?!

Where are you Josh? Tell us where you are Josh! (What movie?)

Watch out...you may be the next boo-ey