Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Memoriam

A few photos of the McCoy family after today's funeral.

The McCoy family.

Front row: Sister Leah, Brother Adam, Mom Linda

Back Row: Sister-in-law Carole, Brother-in-law Joel, Dad David, Sister Amy, Brother-in-law Steve

Little Bennett...saying 'cheese' and always wanting

to see his picture after it's taken.

Mike and Lanie with her coins.

Sweet Lanie


Aunt Leah and Lanie

Chandler's tired feet after a long afternoon.

David McCoy, Aaron's dad.
Aaron's brother Adam and Mike.
Mike talking with Mr. McCoy, what a precious man.
Christina and her mom Karen

Fred Graves and his wife. He was the Air Force liason to the family. Fred was saved less than 2 weeks before Aaron's accident. He said that he and Aaron had prayed together and that Aaron had a great impact on his life...and his decision to accept Christ.
Christina with Fred. He was so kind and compassionate with Christina and her family.
Mike talking with the McCoy men. They like to talk and tell stories.

Not surprising if you knew Aaron.

Bennett with his coin. Samuel and Chandler with their coins.
Coins that were given to the kids by the Air Force. I'm not sure of their meaning,

I'll try to get back with you on that.

Chandler's coins.

Mike with our pastor Steven Kyle. Bro Steven did a wonderful job on the service. The gospel was presented and there were several saved. Aaron would have had it no other way. Still touching lives.

Mike, Lanie and Bro. Steven. Can you tell Mike and Lanie like each other?

I'm so glad that this blog has brought so much comfort to so many people. Aaron's family told me how important it's been to them. I'm still shocked that people are even reading it. I think that it was a God thing that I even started it. Thanks Amy Lancaster for starting your blog - it was encouragement for me to start mine. Those of you who did not get a chance to meet the McCoy missed a true blessing! Thank you guys for sharing Aaron with us.

Me and Leah Mike and the McCoy men leaving the church. How is it that that Sanders are always the last ones to leave the church?
Here's why....STILL talking!
We love you, Christina. We will be there for you and take care of you.

Pray for this family.



Eric said...


The coins are called challenge coins. They are an Air Force tradition dating back to World War I (before there was an Air Force). They are called challenge coins because it is tradition to always carry your squadron's coin wherever you go. If you are challenged to show your coin, and you do not have it, you have to buy that person a drink. Get caught without it, and it can get very expensive. Samuel and Chandler being given makes them members of their dad's squadron forever.

I knew Aaron from my days in Ft. Walton Beach and Cinco Baptist Church. He was the first peron from the church that I got to know and made me feel welcome. Aaron, another dear friend and I had a men's bible study on saturday mornings. Our children played together. He will always have a special place in my heart.

Please tell Christina that we are praying for her and her family. We are grieving with her. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Eric and Leslie Sundberg
Wichita, KS