Monday, October 22, 2007

Pee Wee Everything

Pee Wee Football, Pee Wee Cheerleaders and Pee Wee Kids!
Cowboys vs. Twisters.
Cowboys earned the 'W'.
The Cowboys continue on their undefeated streak. Carson had a decent game and Chandler played well, too. We (including Aaron) had been looking forward to this game all season.
It was a fun day.
Chandler at game time.
Bennett the ham. He likes to have his picture taken.
Lanie - second from the left.
Lanie at the run-thru.
Bennett looking at the butterfly that landed on my mom's sleeve.

Lanie lovin on her momma.
Mr. Mike's favoritest number ever...22!
Samuel #12

Loves to give hugs.
She told Mike she was 'hugging Carson like crazy.'

Post game discussion.
Who tackled who and how many carries did who have.
Karen, Christina's mom.

Hugging like crazy.

Telling whispers.
Christina asked me to post pics for Leah and Amy of her newly remodeled kitchen.
She's staying busy.
New paint, blinds, curtains and accessories.
It looks really good. Hope you girls like it as much as I do.

The ham, again.
Slippers Mr. Mike got for Lanie. He was so proud to give them to her...she told him she didn't like green ;) Then she decided she would wear them if she ever wore a green dress.
The binder on the left with Aaron's picture on the front is filled with the order of service from the memorial on base and a few momentos. In the middle is Aaron's flag with his medals (comendations?) on the top.
Aaron's flight helmet that was given to Christina on the right.
On the left are flags that were flown over Iraq, I believe. One each for Samuel and Chandler. The lower right plaque was just recently given to Christina by Aaron's squadron. Many people signed the matting for the picture. Very touching things were written...a very nice gesture. Samuel was telling me that the yellow cloth at the top right was something that Aaron always had with him when he flew so they added it to the plaque. I'm ignorant to the meaning of this...if there is a meaning to it.
The picture I referred to on Wednesday's (10/17) blog.
Christina's little blessing.


Messick Family said...

The yellow piece in the upper right corner of the plaque is a 53rd Airlift Squadron scarf. All Air Force flying squadrons have a scarf that identifies the wearer as a member of that unit. It is a traditional uniform piece for a military flyer. It was an honor to fly with Aaron when we were squadronmates, and an honor to know we were fighting the same war, a very personal war, in Afghanistan and Iraq before coming from different units to the 53AS. More than that, it was an honor to know Aaron as a man and as a friend. Aaron's life did what a human life is intended to do - honor Christ and point men to Him. Even me. Thank you Aaron.

I read the Scripture at Aaron's memorial (the binder on the table), a great privilage, and opportunity. Men who never heard the truth and hope in Jesus Christ heard it that day. Aaron's temporal walk is eternally significant. The flame of my own walk with Christ has grown from a smoldering ember, giving smoke but little heat, into a life-sustaining fire. May the fire keep spreading.

To our church family - thank you for your amazing love. You will never know how much of a beautiful impact you have on my and my family's lives. It is our humble honor to know you all.