Friday, October 12, 2007

Fav Foto Friday

The best guy EVER!
Mike, my best friend.
Thanks to all of you have have posted comments. Like I've said before, the McCoy's have been reading them. I will be printing them off and getting copies for Christina, Aaron's parents and siblings.
Thanks, Eric for explaining the coins. I think I had heard that story before. For anyone interested in knowing about the coins - go to to Wednesday's post (In Memoriam) and check out Eric's comments. That's pretty cool. Thanks again, Eric.
No football game tonight. NPHS plays in Paragould which is way too far away for the band to travel....YES! A night off...not really. Carson has practice and I have to babysit those bratty, I mean angel children Megan and Beth (wink-wink). See you tonight, Lisa. Carson has a game tomorrow morning..what we can't sleep in? No rest for the weary. Family pictures tomorrow night-Kody's not happy about that. He's offered to take Carson and Chase (and even Chase's girlfriend) to the Grambling/UAPB football game tomorrow night at War Memorial Stadium. Should be a heckuva half time show - Gramblin and UAPB - it oughta rock out! Not sure about the timing of that...I'm just impressed that he's even offered. He does love his little brothers! The Hogs play...we'll just see about that when they step on the field. Will they play-well?
Remember the McCoy's as today marks 1 week...and tomorrow is the final goodbye.
Looking forward to a little rest this weekend...
It's been a long, hard week-