Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Baby

I know, I know...they're horrible pictures! But you get the point.

Maybe WHEN I get a scanner I'll re-post some of these.

October 20, 1990.

We were such babies. I was 20 and Mike was 22.

Mike getting Kody ready. He was 3 when we married.

Mike and I really got to know each other my junior year (his senior year) at North Pulaski High School. He actually played football years before on the same peewee team as my brother. He says that he knew who I was and that he used to check me out on the sidelines while I was cheering. Yeah, right! We had spanish class together my sophomore year but he transferred out to be an office aide after he got busted for his girlfriend doing his homework. We ended up having another class together the next year. Somehow he ended up sitting in front of me after one of the many times Coach Aylett switched the seating chart around. We (he) flirted a lot. He always wanted me to scratch his back. If I would have ever know that was a prelude to today!!!!! He ALWAYS wants his back scratched. So anyway, he was dating a...well...umm...he was dating a girl that he had dated for a long time. They were always on again-off again. It was a bad, unhealthy relationship. After much flirting we had our first date on Thanksgiving 1986. We went to see Top Gun at the Cinema 150...the dome theatre. We went all the way out there so his 'girlfriend' wouldn't find us. And I will have to admit that I was also dating someone else. I had already tried to break up with him because I liked Mike but he ended up crying on me. Sheesh. He was a really nice guy and had a sweet family...I hated to do it. So finally Mike and 'the other girl' split and we started going out. We dated for several months and ended up breaking up. His idea...not mine! I finally had to face the fact that I thought I was pregnant after several months of being 'late'. Mike went back to 'the other girl'. I was devastated. He graduated, school let out and we went our own ways. Not exactly a great way to spend the summer before your senior year. Pregnant. I didn't start my seniot year immediately. Kody was born several days after school started. After a week or so I went back to school. Here's the kicker. This is such a God-thing. I decided to give Kody up for adoption. Kody was born on a Wednesday. So, I left the hospital on Friday and Kody left on Friday, also...with his adoptive parents. He went to their home in Tennessee. On Saturday I decided (along with my parents) that I wanted him back. After contacting the attorney who did the adoption we did find out that the birth mother has a 10 day grace period. I ended up getting him back that week. It was really sad for them...but they only had him for about 3 days. I still pray for the family that he went home with. I went back to school and finished out my senior year. Mike and I dated a few times over the next couple years while we also dated around. I could not and would not let myself like him a whole lot-too much baggage from the past. He was involved with Kody. He was a good daddy. Christmas Day of 1989 Mike came over (I still lived with my parents) for Kody's Christmas morning. I found myself liking him. I hated it...I didn't want to like him. I have a picture of him from that morning and I love to look it. I keep it out and look at it often. I'll post it sometime. We began dating soon after that and Mike asked me to marry him on June 5, 1990. God has surely had his hand on our marriage and in our lives. It would never have worked without Him and those who supported us and prayed for us. Thank you to all of you who did just that!

WOW, do I EVER miss that waistline. I'm sure Mike does, too.

Headed home from the honeymoon.
We stopped by the USS Alabama on the way home from Florida.
My life is good.
I have a husband who loves me more than I could have ever asked for. He has asked me before "If I die would you know how much I love you?"
I would. I'm blessed.
Love you, babe-


Stacy Wilson said...

AWWWWW! Happy Anniversay Mike and Shannon!!

paula said...

hey sis that is so sweet. happy belated anniv. hope it was great. hope larry and i have as many years together as you two. love ya lots paula