Thursday, October 11, 2007


The online Pennsylvania obituary for Aaron.
Be praying for Christina and the kids throughout the rest of the week. The family will be leaving this morning headed to Pennsylvania. Pray for traveling mercy as some of them will be driving. Christina and the kids will be staying with Aaron's parents. Visitation is Friday night with the funeral Saturday. They've all had to do this twice. I talked with Christina last night...she said "Saturday's gonna be hard."
A link to the Lonoke Democrat newspaper is below. An article about the accident and the intersection.I want to caution you as there is a picture of the intersection with Med-Flight. It made me queezy just knowing that it was Aaron.


mmhsolomon said...

Hi, My name is Melanie (Henry) Solomon. I currently live in Brunswick, GA, but grew up with Aaron at the little one-room church on the "back road" in Centerville, PA. Bedford Valley Bible Church is where I met and have so many fond memories of Aaron, his whole family even. David and Linda McCoy were my youth leaders and long-time friends of our family. We love them all dearly and hold each one up in prayer.

After reading Aaron's obituary, through tear-stained eyes, I, too, remember him mostly for his smile. Knowing him at such a young age, I could tell he would be a man of honor and loving our Lord along the way. He was one of the good guys to never be out of order, disrespectful, or disruptive to those around him or to those in authority over him. My heart aches for Christina and the kids. Although I never met them and haven't seen Aaron in many years, my Mom keeps my sister, brother, and I updated on the lives of those we grew up with.

We were fortunate to travel back to PA in July to visit with our family in PA. It was a true blessing to attend Bedford Valley Bible Church and see all of the friendly faces of those parents whom I had grown up with and admired so during my childhood. David and Linda were two of those special people. After so many years, they were so easy to recognize in the crowd of people. People that you are just drawn to and love on, no matter the time or distance between meetings. When God blesses you with special people in your lives, you treasure them in both life and death. When my nine-year-old son found me crying at the computer, he qustioned me as to why I was so sad. I told him that I was reading about the death of a friend that I grew up with at Grammy's house. He said, "I know it's hard to lose someone you love." He's right. It is hard to lose someone you love in that we are left to mourn his passing, but also feel the warmth inside knowing that Aaron is safe and sharing his smile with God and the angels.

After reading Shannon's blog about others coming to Christ through Aaron's death, makes you realize that God has a purpose for your life even after your life on earth may be over.

I thank God for the blessing in knowing and becoming family with the McCoys. I will continue to life them up in prayer, along with Christina and the kids, as they continue on their path,

Aaron made an impoact on so many lives during his life as well as now being an impact to others through his death.

In loving memory of Aaron McCoy, Melanie J. (Henry) Solomon.