Monday, October 29, 2007

Memphis Part II

Onward to Memphis
Gassing up before leaving this place called Covington.

The Peabody Place mall. Calling it a mall is a stretch. It's small but really nice. We parked in the parking deck right next to it. It cost 8 stinking dollars to park there! I put a $10 dollar bill in the machine - thinking I'd get two 1 dollar bills back. Ummm...NO! Just a small little rip-off that the Peabody has going on....the machine was conveniently out of dollar bills. Sheesh! I'm calling them tomorrow. I WANT MY $2.00! Starbucks featured coffee. Thanks, Starbucks, for honoring us on our anniversary trip. But my fave is the Caramel Frapuccino.
No, we did not eat here! I had to keep Mike WAY across the street from this God-forsaken joint! I think it had some kind of magnetic sinful pull on him, though.
Should he bust out singing Pretty Woman?

Coyote Ugly and the Double Deuce. Anyone know what movie the Double Deuce is from?
Mike taking in a little Blues.

WC Handy with his trumpet. Think Chase will have a statue in his honor someday?

We listened to a little blues from the 'Juke Joint Jam'.

After 2 days of rain (which was nice for rest), it was a B-E-A-utiful day (what movie is that from, anyone?) to enjoy the Blues on Beale Street.
A fan of the Blues,