Thursday, October 25, 2007

Out of Office

This is my out of office memo.
I'm out.
Mike had to go to Covington, Tennessee for a 'conversion' for the bank and I came along for the ride. So 'hidy-ho' from west Tennessee. Regions is converting to a new computer system and all their IT people are sent out to different areas. This is the 2nd of 3. The first one was back in the summer in Mobile. The next one will be the first week or so in December. It'll be here...I mean in Arkansas. So I took Thursday and Friday off and we'll head back home on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully we'll be back in enough time to make our photo appointment at the church (for the pictorial). I'm thinking not-but we're gonna sure try. Mike will have to head back here (TN) Sunday and stay until possibly Wednesday. He told them that he wanted t be home for Halloween. Speaking of...gotta get Carson's costume. I think it'll be good. I've never been one to really buy costumes but the last couple years I have. And I must say that we doctor them up and they've all turned out pretty good. Year before last Carson was Count Dracula and last year he was a gladiator. He knows what he wants to be this year. I should have gotten it before we left town. I just hope they still have it.

Today I rode along while he went to all the branches and then I came to the hotel for a nap. Rest. That's always good. Tomorrow might be a bit of a slow day. Mike will have to work all day. Not so sure what I'll be doing. I'd like to find a mall close but, ummm..this seems like kind-of-a not so mall-ish type place. I may just sit in the hotel room and crochet. Does that sound like I am way old or what? I just haven't had time to do much of it lately and I need to get back on it. Just getting away is nice. Even if it is in Covington, TN. It's a trip that's on the bank's dime and gives us some time away...even if we (I mean Mike) has to work. Meemaw (Mike's mom) is at the house with the boys. Kody will be getting them to school for us tomorrow and taking Carson to practice tomorrow night. Thanks're a good boy.

Carson made the All-Star football team. Good we just seem to drag seasons out as long as we possibly can? Football is my favorite sport but my gracious...we just had basketball try-outs!! I talked Mikey into coaching. HA! He wasn't too thrilled with it. I actually am not either. One of the guys coaching int our age group...well, let's just say he's a bit much. I'll leave it at that. I'm sure any of the games against any of the other coaches will definitely be intense. Oh well...get out there and have fun. That's what it's all about anyway-and of course winning!

On the subject of basketball...I was messing around with this laptop while on the road today and found some basketball pictures from the first church picnic that we attended. Mike, Timothy Leon (who is helping Mike coach this pee wee team) and JJ Houle were all on the same team. They beat up on everybody until they got to the championship game against Bro Tom, Bro Steven and Paul Bentley. Paul Bentley schooled them. Mike says you cheated, Steven, by getting him on your team. So check the next post...I'll add the pics there.
So long from Tennessee,