Monday, October 15, 2007

Home Again

Leah, Aaron's sister, described the air as crisp, just like Aaron always liked. She described the view as breathtaking. I'll try to post pictures of it as I get them. They were indeed beautiful...mountains in the landscape. I'm told Aaron loved the mountains.
Aaron's arrival.

Aaron's sister and Christina explained that this honor guard was from Washington DC.
They are usually reserved for 'high ranking' official duties.
What an honor for Aaron.

" Taps"

C-130 flyover.
All the way from Little Rock...Aaron's squadron. Leah says it was an amazing sound and experience...she said Aaron would have LOVED it.

Christina explained that the back hatch was open with an American Flag flying.

I believe that's Brandi (from church) on the left. Yes, she was able to attend the Pennsylvania service. Some are from the Pentagon, some from New Jersey with the rest being from LRAFB...those having served with Aaron.

Aaron is home,



Laurie said...

I am in awe. Thank You so so much for posting these pictures. I have thought of little else since this happened. Christina has been on my mind every day and I am in pure shock still. He was a great man and she is a beautiful strong woman and I know God will be there to guide her through her grief. Leah, thank you so much for the pictures. What an awesome sight to see a great man honored in such a way. I can't imagine the welcome he received in Heaven. Thank you again.

Laurie Boerner

Jeanne robinson said...

Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful pictures. I am praying for christina and the family I am still in shock and I just can not get this whole thing But thank God that we have the peace and knowing that AAron definitly made into Heaven. Christina we love you, I will be sending a package out to you for the children. Be loking for it. Love ya jeanne Robinson

Messick Family said...

Though given the opportunity, I did not go to the burial - Aaron would understand something about keeping promises to your children - so I stayed in AR and tended to our babies. But I felt the place in the hollows of my conscience, becoming echoes of my memory. The place of his burial, I was told, is on a hillside in a valley (being from Appalachia I know of such places). I can hear the firing party's salute - seven rifles firing three shots each in unison - shatter the October air, ring through that valley, telling the world a man of great consequence is laid here, then the remnant scent of burnt powder hanging sweet on that hillside, a wonderous smell Aaron and I loved, if you understand such things. Also, know that when that Herk flew over, along with our flag flying from the open ramp and door, the crew's Loadmaster, the same crew position as Aaron, was standing at attention on the ramp, giving a proper salute to our fallen brother. A magnificent sight. May the rememberance of these linger in our memory, giving a stiring of heart on the inevitable days when our hearts turn cold.

- Lewis Messick

jlknotts said...

Lewis,it's as if you WERE there! You depict him so completely in your honest writing. I sobbed loudly as I read your comments - he did love that smell (maybe it reminded him of hunting season)and I can still see him standing in that Loadmaster position. Hearing others talk of him so fondly and share how he was instrumental in their lives brings tears to our eyes but joy and comfort to our hearts. We received copies of the Military Memorial Service and your comments were heartfelt and brought glory to the one who deserves it all in this, Jesus Christ. Keep fanning that fire!
And yes, Aaron would have understood the promise you made to your children that day. Besides, he wasn't there - He was already with our Heavenly Father!