Saturday, October 13, 2007

Football Saturday

Carson at QB. Yes, those are navy blue socks.
So they looked black to him this morning.
Coaching from Dad.
Poppa and Kody spectating.

Mike sharing a laugh with Wes and coach Jimmy Walker.

Gold Twisters at the half watching the cheerleaders.That's Carson rubbing his forehead after getting hit before the half. How do you get hit inside your helmet?

A headache
Working on the chain gang. The next 4 pictures are a sequence of Carson running for for a TD. The only score of the game.

Do you think Carson really listens?

Must be a guy thing.

Kody and Poppa

Carson with a little bling. A belt with rhinestones all over it that he found at the football field.

The final score. Another one down.

Game over.

One of the refs didn't show. Sure, Mike can fill in. I need to run home and get his black shorts, hat and shoes? Did you say and extra $100.00? You betcha!! Momma needs a new oven!
Carson and Jalen Jackson.
This cracked me up! This guy looked really nice except his pants were WAY too short. Is that mean of me? He looked really nice, though!

Mike with a mouthful of lunch. Gotta get back out on the field.

Brody Johnson. Carson is spending the night with him tonight. Should be a fun night at the Johnson house.

I came home after Carson's game today and took a nap while Mike was reffing. I felt kinda bad for doing that. I got some good rest, though! Chase is with his girlfriend and Kody went out to watch the Razorbacks LOSE AGAIN! I'm actually not feeling too well...I think I'm just worn down. Mike and I went to eat Chinese food and came home to an empty house. It's been quiet. Nice!

Christina is a constant on my mind. Praying for her as she leaves PA tomorrow to return home. Returning home to start the healing process. Although it's my understanding that you NEVER completely heal. Understandable.