Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

An autumn Saturday afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch. We had intended to head out with the McCoy bunch to the Hidden Valley Pumpkin Patch in Ferndale. After a morning of pee wee football the little ones (and Christina) were tired and needed a nap. Completely understandable. So Mike and I along with Carson and Samuel headed out.

We decided not to go all the way out to Ferndale because we had to be at War Memorial Stadium (for a band competition) by late afternoon. Instead went to one in Cabot. Remind me not to go back. I've been to the one in Ferndale twice and I guess maybe I was spoiled to it. It's really nice. This one was OK.
Way too cool for this Pumpkin Patch.

On the Hay Ride

On the Hay Ride. Carson lookin like a hick chewing on some hay. John Denver's Thank God I'm a Country Boy was resonating through my head.
The coolest hicks ever! Until you hear Samuel speak...then you know he's the furthest thing from a hick with that accent.
Feeding horses along the route.
Look at the baby to the left...excited about the horses.

Samuel was a little intimidated. Me too. Horses scare me...they're way too big.
The little pony was cute.

So tell me. Do these pumpkins look like they were grown on a vine right where they sit? The owner stopped us on this hayride where there are just some pumpkins thrown out in a field. He said the cows had come by and eaten all the vines off of them. Yeah, sure. Whatever. Hidden Valley's are truly in a pumpkin field. Lesson learned.

3 goobers!
The big pumpkin and 2 of the smaller ones in this pictures cost us $38.00. Yep...we could have gone to Hidden Valley and back on a tank of gas that cost that much. Rediculous. I better have a fairy godmother turning this sucker into a carriage at some point!
Next year at Hidden Valley we'll be looking for

Cinderella's Pumpkin,


Christina said...

Hey guys, Thanks so much for taking Samuel to the pumpkin patch and the band competition. When I tucked him in bed he said "my dad would have loved going to see the bands like I did". I know that he had a good time! Thanks for the lunch today it was great! I sure do appriciate your family and our friendship. See you soon. Hugs to all, Christina